Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lepinja with olives

Lepinja is a typical bread from the Balkans. I wanted to bake it for a long time and finally I did it. I found the recipe in the book Vse o peki.

 flour - type 500 (250 gr)
 fresh yeast (1/2)
 honey (1 small spoon)
 lukewarm water (125 ml)
 salt (1 small spoon)
 olives (50 gr)
 oil (6 spoons)

Put the flour in a bowl and do a whole in the middle. Put the yeast there, but crush it first. Then add some water to the honey and add it to the yeast (but be careful, the water shouldn't be too hot!). Mix with the fork and leave it for 10 minutes.
Add salt, olives, oil and the rest of the water. Then mix all the ingredients until it becomes a dough. Put some flour on the top and cover it with a cotton cloth. Leave it in a hot place until it rises. After that take the dough and do 2 oval-shaped lepinjas (25x15 cm). Put them on an oven pan and cover it with a cloth until it rises again. Before putting in the oven do some little holes with your fingers and in the recipe it says you should put a few drops of olive oil (I forgot to do it, but it was good anyway). Bake in the oven. (It should be 20 minutes on high heat, preheated.)

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