Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My new blog :)

this is my new blog. For a long time I wanted to have a blog only about food,  now I've finally decided to do it. :) I'm gonna show you what I'm cooking, write the recipes and take some pictures.
The title I've chosen it's in slovenian, as you can see, and it means: the smell of fresh baked bread. There is nothing as good as bread and the best bread is the one that just came fresh from the oven (but it seems that is not really healthy).
Anyway, a few years ago, while I was still living in Ljubljana I came home just before Easter, on Good Friday and the whole courtyard smelled of bread. You can imagine that was a great welcome home after the whole week in Ljubljana. (I was actually coming home every weekend but it doesn't matter.) Even before that the smell of bread remembered me Easter, but now it has other meaning as well. But it's enough about bread for today.

By the way, I was thinking for a long time in what language should I write this blog and at the end I've decided for english. (Someone that is a native english speaker please tell me if I make too many mistakes.) Maybe some posts are going to be in more languages, I don't know yet. Anyway, I thought: most of my friends actually speak english so english should be ok.

Hopefully I'm gonna try to cook something new every week. Let's see if it works. If you have any ideas, just write me an e-mail or a comment. Any suggestions are the most welcome.

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