Monday, 3 June 2013

Pizza with sesame dough

The summer just doesn't want to show up and I'm getting more and more stressed, but at least I can do some creative work in the kitchen. This time I've tried to bake a special pizza.


250 ml lukewarm water
13 gr salt
13 gr sugar
200 gr wholewheat flour
100 gr flour type 500
100 gr flour type 400
20 gr yeast
30 gr olive oil (approximately 3 spoons)
30 gr sesame seeds (approximately 3 spoons)

200 gr mozzarella for pizza
200 ml tomato sauce
1 tblsp olive oil
6 cherry tomatoes
a few leafs of fresh basil

Melt the yeast in the water and add it to the flour that you've previously mixed. Add salt, sugar, olive oil and sesame seeds. Mix everything in a bowl, then cover it with a tea towel. Leave it aside (you can put it inside your cold oven) for at least 2 hours.
Roll the dough in the baking tray. Mix the tomato sauce, olive oil, oregano and salt in a bowl. Put it all over the dough (from this recipe you'll get dough for two trays). Bake in the oven at 180°-200°C, after 10-15 minutes add the mozzarella cheese, that you've previously cut into pieces. 5 minutes before it's ready, add the fresh cherry tomato cut into half.
Serve with some fresh basil on the top.

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